Did Someone Say Cookout?!

Lihue, HI

Did someone say cookout? Au'rai!

When I was young I learned quickly from my parents and my older brothers on how to put on a gathering. My home has always been a place where people from all parts of Kauai, gather, share, and enjoy each others company.

And we literally celebrate and gather for every occasion possible. Birthday party? Why not! Building a float for a parade? Let's cookout!! It's tuesday? COOKOUT TIME!!! These cookouts are now the root of how my family gathers and it only makes sense that I put on some cookouts .

So what are we waiting for? The next couple of weeks I'll be hosting a few cookouts at my home for family and friends so we can connect. Some of you I haven't seen for years and so I just want to sit down around some of my brothers awesome cooking (Yes, I just volunteered my brother to cook just now!) and talk about life

At some point of the cookout I will break into the plan of My Dream and let you in on some in-depth details. So, I have been reaching out to some of you already and I am pumped. Literally fist-pumping in the air right now. 

If I haven't gotten ahold of you yet, don't worry! I will. But if you are worrying, Text me so I can let you know when the cookout is and what you can bring. 


Dr. Addi B