Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Consciously, this song permeates through your eyes. Your mind sings out loud as if you know all the workings to this song. You are transformed and your life has been changed. In whatever moment you are in, you are now under the influence of four words. These four words changes your perception and you become inspired. It may be tiny but it may move mountains.

You hear the whistling of the tune. The corners of your mouth begin to reach for your ears and your eyes glisten as if the sun just breached past the clouds in a glorious victory over darkness. You wander for an instance, captivated by its brilliance. You are Happy.

Simple and true, that is all.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Worry is one measure of your state-of-being. The act of worrying is to fear for something that has not yet occurred. Isn’t that odd? If it did not happen why be afraid? If it did not happen wouldn’t that mean you have a choice to change and prevent it from happening? If it’s un-preventable and it is going to happen could you not accept it and not be worried? Your state-of-being is in fear when you worry. We are constantly moving towards and away from life and to worry is to be afraid, which is to move away from life.

We have in every breathe a chance to make ourselves come alive. If we want to live happy, if we want to live inspired, we have to be it.

So the question is, how do we Be Happy?

It starts with your thoughts. Become aware, know, and accept happiness. Ask yourselves questions and develop answers for yourself. What is happiness to me? How can I find happiness in the things I do? What can I do to be happy? The ability to consciously affect the quality of your life is the most under-estimated ability of mankind. Your thoughts are what creates your reality. As Peter Pan has done it, so will you.

Your thoughts are what creates your reality and can be the cause of your actions. What you do and how you do it must reflect your thoughts. These thoughts you create, write down and affirm must come alive with your actions. If you are what you say you are, then do what you say. In this moment, people may trip up and think themselves out of the good, happy, thing they have created for themselves. Remember every act and every thing you do in this world is based upon the principle of faith. To trust in something that you have or have not experienced for hopes of what could be. You are endowed an unlimited amount of faith and you can choose to use it or not. Have faith in your thoughts and your actions will not fail you.

So Think happy and Do happy things. Happy is whatever you paint it as. Take the perceptions that create your reality and artfully unravel a beautiful life. It’s monday and you may be going to work. Your perception might be a mundane monday going to a job full of uselessness and negativity. You are given a choice to take that perception that creates your reality and artfully unravel a beautiful life. If Happy Gilmore can do it, so will you.

There is a question you must address as time unfolds your thoughts into actions. Do you want this to continue in your life? If so, how long? It’s a simple question that people rarely ask, How long do I want to be happy? If your answer is forever or some length of time while you are alive then you must know this: In all things, comes our ability to maintain and adapt. The greatest of things is in its ability to adapt and it’s ability to maintain it’s true form. Happiness can be found in everything and in your journey of thinking it and doing it, this will evoke new ways of being happy. You can continue by adapting the new ways of being happy and maintain your happiness or you can choose not to. Always remember that everything takes 1% of inspiration and 99% perseverance. Lance Armstrong is one man with one inspiration and a whole lot of of perseverance. In fact, the examples are endless because it only takes one thought with the will to never give up.

Now the recipe is in place for you to be happy. Think it, do it, have faith and never give up. But what if…..? …. Don’t worry, be happy.