Got to be TRUE to MYself

In our efforts to affect the quality of our day, we constantly maintain our values and beliefs. We are born with the purest values and beliefs. Untouched, untrained, unaffected by anything. And through time, our values and beliefs adapts. Our values and beliefs constantly change; it is changing to adapt to the inside and outside influences at that instance of time. The outside influences is what deconstructs our given pure values and beliefs and the inside influences are what reconstructs our values and beliefs.

Alone, we can inspire within what resonates deep with our heart and soul. All the knowledge and love in the world is within you. You are born with it and it is always there. It is YOU in it’s most TRUE form. The only way to connect with your TRUE self is to become more aware. To raise self-awareness, is to remove the interferences that impedes your expression of your true self. And to connect with this knowledge and love is to truly live.

Together, we are inspired and inspire everyone that surrounds you. You attract what you are and everything in front of you is a reflection of what you seek. While alone, your values and beliefs are manifested through your intentions; these values and beliefs are constantly adapting due to outside inspirations/influences. In order to maintain our values and beliefs; we constantly adapt.

We must become aware, know, and accept our TRUE self. We must recognize that we were born with values and beliefs of all the knowledge and love in the world. That is our true values and beliefs. These values and beliefs are the single most important inspiration or influence that will guide us to truly live. We are constantly changing, adapting. And as we connect to our TRUE selves, we can express our true values and beliefs.

We must express it’s full value without constraint or fear. For who we are is what we do, and what we do is what is inspired within us to express. And to express what is true to ourselves, is to truly live.