Inform, Empower, Unite

2011 - Inform, Empower, Unite 2011 was kicked off on a series of events that propelled me to bring about my purpose. Kauai, Hawaii is where I was born and raised. Every time I return I renew a sense o f love and gratitude for nature and life. With that I have found within a mantra that stirs my being. Inform, Empower, Unite. In everything, we can learn a lesson. Teachers will appear when the student is willing to learn. Through these lessons we invite power into our lives. Knowledge is the power that may bridge the mind with the heart. When the heart and the mind is aligned we are able to be inspired. With this power we are given a chance to bring together all that is around us. Living in harmony to perpetuate the universe. We exist because everything is. One life, one song, one destiny. We must focus our thoughts and actions in the direction that we are inspired to be. In you, there is a powerful, beautiful, unlimited potential. It can be unleashed only upon purpose and intent. With discipline we can harness this energy and perpetuate it's possibility. Inform, empower and unite yourself with your purpose. We are here to manifest our purpose and unleash the beauty within. Dare not to be afraid, it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Inform, Empower, Unite 2011