Kauai - How is our health?

How is our Health, Kauai?

I've been doing my research and some of my observations are more challenging than I thought. 

The Healthcare Association of Hawaii did a report on some key factors of Kauai county and they are eye-opening.

Some consistent themes were noticed in their report.

“Individuals from all geographies, race, gender, and age groups experience poor health outcomes. Evidence from high rates of chronic disease patterns, hospitalizations due to preventable causes, and patterns of unhealthy behaviors compels those seeking to improve health to consider interventions at the structural, policy, and community‐wide level in order to positively impact the long term health of as many Kauai County residents as possible.
— Healthcare Association Of Hawaii

Basically explaining that healthcare challenges are not particular to one specific age, race, or gender on Kauai, and the best course of action is a multi-level approach which includes a community-wide involvement. The key takeaway is that many of the poor health outcomes are due to preventable causes. 

Insert me here, now. This is why the facility we are building and the services it will be providing will make a huge impact on our island life. Two of the main features this new facility will be providing are:

1. Prevention and Wellness Check Ups

2. Access Non-traditional Healthcare Methods

1. Preventative and Wellness Care is the number one way to reduce healthcare cost, increase work productivity, and prevent costly illnesses. Many of the healthcare challenges that are being monitored are preventative and need to be addressed in the early years of life. This is one of the main features of this new facility. We will be emphasizing on wellness and preventative check ups for the following age groups: children, young adults, and mid-aged adults. By being proactive with health we will gradually turn the most common results of healthcare currently, which is chronic debilitating health problems. 

2. Non-traditional healthcare methods. For those who are suffering with chronic health problems and utilizing expensive quick medical fixes, this type of care may be the turning point. The facility will be able to provide a secondary opinion utilizing new medical technologies that can identify how the body's function in both asymptomatic and symptomatic states. For our community that are currently suffering from a chronic health problem this new facility will be able to provide a different prospective and solution.

Key informants highlighted the primary assets of community health centers and schools as venues that can provide culturally appropriate services and education that promotes healthy lifestyles and health literacy. Community‐based clinics and schools can address “human needs” in an integrated manner.
— Healthcare Association Of Hawaii

Hence this facility will be operated, funded, and built by our community. The unique part of this new facility is that in fact it is created by me, your very own born and raised Kauai Boy. Our main goal through this facility is to provide high quality educational services to our community at large. How?

1. Community-based learning. Each week this facility will host a class on the many facets of health. From healthy eating, healthy exercises, to healthy check-ups and recommendations. One of the key barriers of care is the cultural understanding of our people and the integration of that information with care. This is why I spent years learning the most effective way to improve the general well-being of a person and bringing it back to Kauai. 

2. Educational Outreach programs. One of my biggest passions is teaching. It is by designed that this new facility and its operators will be able to provide high quality educational talks to each school through its community outreach program. This talks will address the behavioral aspects of healthy living which includes nutrition, exercise, spirituality, and mental health in a cultural appropriate setting. Our Keikis will have a resource at the facility to learn more about their own health and be able to do regular wellness check ups to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Are you still reading? Because there are so much more to talk about. Just writing this blog got me sitting off my seat and wanting to fly to Kauai now and start implementing some changes!

One step at a time Addison.

To get the full report click here, and see what health challenges we are facing. This much I can tell you, I am part of our community and in it to win it. No matter the situation, with a little aloha spirit everything is going to be alright. 

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Dr. Addi B

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