My Dream: Part 1 - The Plan

So What's The Plan?

Kauai, HI

Well, first we need to switch from calling this a Dream of mine to calling it a Vision. Dreams are ideas we wish for that don’t necessarily have a plan or action. Well, this dream’s gears are turning with a plan in place and action occurring. 

So, visit the plan at www.addisonbulosan/theplan

You will find the timeline, the cost, the expectations of my plan, and how it will roll out. This plan has been reviewed by my Coach, Dr. Shawn Dill, and by my many mentors who have been helping me realize this dream. I have been working on this plan since 2010 at a vision meeting with some of my closest friends, Dr. Stephanie Williams, Dr. Jenna Watson, and Dr. Alvin Hsu at a conference in Southern California. As part of our 2020 vision I wrote it down as an idea and since then, it has been calling me to execute this plan.

Excitingly, this plan has been adopted and aligned with the time-tested systems of The Specific Chiropractic Center, which is one of the leading groups in healthcare across the United States. We will be bringing one of the highest quality healthcares available in the world to our tiny, but awesome, island of Kauai. 


So check out the plan at  If you have any questions or just want to learn more, email me!

Lastly, subscribe below to get the latest news and updates on how we are going to execute this plan and make this Vision a reality. 


Dr. Addi B

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