My Dream: Part 3 - Jump In

Part 3 - Jump In 

After connecting with my family, friends, and business partners it's apparent that this dream of mine is a shared one.

Every time I get a chance to share this plan with someone close they immediately ask how they can be involved. It's no surprise because what we are going to do will benefit those who are part of it, greatly.

So I've come up with a plan on how you, my friends and family who share my vision, can jump in with me and make this dream a reality.

The first and foremost is financial help. But here's the deal, I'm not about to ask you to throw money at me and not do anything for you in return! That's not my style and that's not how we roll on Kauai. So I've created a special way for you to help me financially and in return, get some thing awesome out of it!

Go to and there you will find an easy and awesome way for you to invest! The best part is that I'm able to allow you to get first dibs on all the life-changing opportunities that this facility will be able to offer. There are multiple levels in which you can choose to invest in so it can fit your means of generosity.

The cool thing is that each level gets better and better. There is even a level called "Lifetime" where you can get certain services for, LIFE. Epic right? I know, it's too much but with out your financial backing there is no way I'd be able to make this happen.

So go to and pick your level and get your Ohana perks.

And I just have to say I'm so grateful for your belief in me and your decision to be part of this journey. We are just getting started and I already feel overwhelmed with your support.

Honor and privilege,

Dr. Addi B

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