My Dream: Part 2 - The Reasons

El Salvador 2012 - Over 5,000 people got healthcare

For What Reasons?

In my travels to El Salvador, Brazil, and all over the United States, there was a common challenge that would disrupt communities, bankrupt families, and stop people from living a life that they love. In fact, I see it as one of the common challenges on Kauai. What is that challenge?


Brazil, Rio De Jainero - 2011

It wasn't lack of high paying jobs, location of homes, or even not having a solid social network. From Brazil to California, a person's health is the biggest deciding factor of whether or not they will enjoy life, be successful, and prosper.

My first reason

I have been able to be part of the solution from the poorest of poor in El Salvador to affluent communities in San Francisco. And it's time for Kauai to receive this health solution.

I've been doing so by providing a very specific type of healthcare that is called Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care. This type of healthcare has allowed me to help people with common health challenges such as chronic headaches, chronic neck and back pain, to even more difficult issues such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of healthcare is that it also can help prevent these things.

I have spent countless of hours, monies, and taken care of hundreds of patients to understand that this is one of the missing pieces for my family and friends on Kauai.

My second reason

Healthcare costs has skyrocketed. From healthcare insurance to general healthcare. As we are looking for answers to protect and promote our own health and the health of our family and also find the most affordable way to do it. Within the problem, I believe there are 2 solutions that will be big game-changers that this new facility will be able to provide for Kauai.

1. Prevention and Wellness Check Ups

2. Non-traditional Healthcare Methods

1. Preventative and Wellness Care is the number one way to reduce healthcare cost, increase work productivity, and prevent costly illnesses. If you are currently not experiencing any health problems and want to maintain your health, preventative wellness check ups is the best way to keep your momentum of healthy living.

2. Non-traditional healthcare methods. For those who are suffering with chronic health problems and utilizing expensive quick fixes, this type of care may be the turning point. It will be able to provide a secondary look to traditional methods of healthcare, provide an alternative for common physical ailments, and bring a sense of hope through a different outlook.

My last reason

There is no place like home. From the values and beliefs engrained within the island to the uniqueness of the way we communicate. Everything about Kauai has afforded me to impact the world in my short 10 year hiatus away from Kauai. And in every interaction, every presentation delivered, I bring Kauai to it. 

So here we are. Plans are in place. Action steps are being taken. And in a short few weeks I will be cruising around the island and stirring it up. So, what's next?

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Dr. Addison B

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