My Dream: Update - Buildout

Here we go!

Cheehuu! We have officially begun buildout. This is exciting stuff. 

The funny part is that this is a lot of hard-work. Hats off to all of our construction workers, home builders, electricians, and the many hard-working locals that put in their time and effort in building up Kauai. I seriously took for granted what my dad has been doing for the past 30 years on Kauai! 

If you haven't seen yet, I've been posting on instagram pictures and videos of the buildout. It's coming a long great and big shout out to all of my friends and family who have lend a helping hand! 


Dr. Addison Bulosan

P.S. There are many people who wanted to get in on the Ohana Discounts that I mentioned earlier. If you haven't yet, visit and check out the different levels of Ohana Discounts you can get. 

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