WCCS 1st Americas Regional Event

Wow... what a life experience. As head organizer of this event I am humbled by the amazing speakers, sponsors, and guests that joined us. I dare to say it went flawlessly and impacted my life tremendously. Throughout the event I gathered many takeaways and look forward to the unfolding action steps that will follow this event. "Having a conviction stronger than the desire to please" - Dr. Shawn Dill are one of many ideas that shook my very foundation.

It all started with an idea. Fortunately I enjoy challenging the status quo and wanted to look at the saying "Anything is possible." and test if it is true. Well, in 2011 the WCCS (www.wccsworldwide.org) met in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and a proposal was passed to create an event that gathered schools in the Americas region to develop ideas and create opportunities. Funny enough I role played this exact proposal a week before and created an elaborated plan and outcome as if it already happened. So of course the Life West delegation bid for this opportunity and I was elected the Convener of the 1st Americas Regional Event. I LOVE taking challenges and bringing people together now all is left is creating a team. Steve Jobs explained in an interview that in order to create something earth shattering, ground breaking, in order to do something that makes a difference, you have to love it. Why? Because it will take the impossible, sleepless nights, unimaginable risks, and willingness to go beyond what most people would be willing to do. People who like it won't do that. People who do it as a hobby won't take the challenge. You have to love it otherwise you won't take the necessary steps to make it happen. Steve Jobs then explained that with the love for it, you need an amazing team. Great things happen because great people come together and live it. Without a great team it will never get the momentum or energy to make it come alive.

So the hunt was on, in one year we created the team, developed the plan, and fell in love with the Americas Regional Event. Our vision was to advance and unite the regional chiropractic colleges through an inspiring weekend of collaboration and wisdom. And so we did. I have come to realize that the reality of possibility lies between your commitment to doing the necessary action to make it come alive and how much love and passion you are willing to give it. As I continue my journey in developing the unimaginable and transforming lives through chiropractic, I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that present to me so I can live, learn, love, and give.

So, have you taken the challenge? Is anything possible?

Check out the photos below and join us at the next event!