Why I don't Shy Away From Talking About Politics.

Hello world.

Tomorrow is election day and guess what, that is a privilege.

Literally. Last time I check, to be able to be part of these decisions in your life is a privilege. Some have a position that it is a right. Well, yes it may be in our country or our state, but  a lot of people (and when I mean a lot, I mean billions of people) still don't have that right and privilege. 

Many people sacrificed all they've got for this privilege. Some (and when I say some, I mean millions of people. Some of them may be your family or friends.) have given up their last measure of devotion (life) so that we can have this privilege.

So while many people and businesses respectfully choose not to share their political position or ideas, I will share. I share in hopes to make this privilege a comfortable, open process in which we partake in. Like how we can spend a day in November for Thanksgiving, being grateful or how we can spend a day celebrating a birthday.

Spending a day to exercise the privilege to vote is something that should be equally practiced as the days mentioned above. In fact, when we do that, you'd be surprised on the positive effect that it will have for all of us.

With that, let's exercise this privilege like it's your birthday.

Where My Votes Go!

Before you scroll down I just want you to know that the process in how I choose to make these votes is by interviewing these people and finding out who they are and what they stand for. These are my picks and I hope you get a chance to look into them. 

JoAnn Yukimura - Councilperson position.

JoAnn has been a dear friend to our family since my Grandpa, Catalino Suero. When I moved back home she was one of the few people I reached out to for help in getting re-connected to the island (I've been away from home for 10 years!). Her character and values are why I believed my Grandfather believed and trusted her. I personally enjoy that she has a rich history and knowledge of the island and with that has a vision worth supporting. Definitely look into her.

Mason Chock - Councilperson position.

Mason is a mentor of mine through the Leadership Kauai program. Finding people who 1. Studies human values, 2. Live the lessons they teach, 3. Courageous with their actions, are hard to find. That's Mason. I tend to support people who are solid with knowing who they are and how they play their part in the world. Mason is worth looking into!

Arryl Kaneshiro - Councilperson position.

Arryl was one of the first people I met up with when I returned home. When I heard a fellow "youngling" was stepping into the roles of service I just had to find out what motivated him. It was great to know that he and I share the same vision and attitude towards our privileges and responsibilities. He shares the idea hat our generation has an enormous advantage through technology and innovation than the generations before, but even with that, those things render useless with inaction. His point of view will prove to be a valuable asset to consider.

Mayor Bernard Carvalho - Mayor.

Mayor Carvalho's 20/20 vision resonates with me. One of the most difficult things I find both in my personal and professional life is the ability to envision what is possible amidst a challenging time. The other difficult thing is executing that vision. It has been quite a journey these past few months and the more I dive into the values and visions of Mayor Carvalho the more I realize what he has done and what he will do. Studying the values and vision of Mr. Carvalho is worth going through.

Make it happen. Make those votes rain. 




Dr. Addison Bulosan