Wish List

Wow I’ve never had one in awhile :) The last thing I remember I wanted was a trumpet in 7th grade. I think after that I realized everything I wanted I could get it if I worked hard enough for it. Somewhere along my way someone showed me that you can have whatever you want in life as long as you do the work to have it.

So I stopped asking others to serve me and started fulfilling my wishes through my own actions. That’s interesting in itself. In this time of giving, people ask others “what do you want?” Some people have a list of things, some want nothing at all, some don’t mind what they get as long as they get something, and some don’t mind if they get anything.

Which makes me ask the question, Is there anything that you desire that you can’t produce yourself?

Yes? Or could it be possible that everything you have is a result of a collaboration of what you do and what goes on around you [direct and indirect]? I could say everything I have is a result of my actions and at the same time everything I have is a result of things I did not have control of.

It seems to be apparent that as much as we want to take ownership of things, that the idea of ‘the cause of certain things is solely up to one’s self’, is untrue. You can begin at the inspiration of having or doing something being caused by some other thing other than yourself, interacting with your self.

So why have a wish list? Well it seems at this moment we have this ability to create the reality that we know. And the only way we can be part of that creation is for us to ask for what we desire. We must ‘wish upon a star’, ‘hope for that something’, have a ‘wish list’. It’s our opportunity to participate in what seems to be one giant relationship of all things. Where one thing is because the other exists. In essence, I am because we are. Or I have because we have.

I keep seeing this saying “Be, Do, HAVE”. It’s quite a formula and applies to every desire in life. Create that wish list, be what you desire, do what you desire and you will have what you desire.

While creating this wish list and in deciding to use this formula —> I don’t know about you but I end up writing things that I truly desire. All the superficial, top-of-the-skin, glitter stuff goes away.

There is a simple, small, wish list that everyone in this world desires. I find myself always looking towards unity, harmony, balance. I wonder what would happen if every human being puts out their simple, small wish list once a day? Be, Do, and have. I wonder what the impact of that would be?

The beauty of it all is that what you desire, once acquired you are capable of giving it to others. That’s truly beautiful. Our ability to be inspired, become, and give it others may be one of the greatest gifts of all.

Which brings us to a full circle between where we look for the cause and effect. Where we were once inspired to be, do and have our own wish list. And in turn, inspire others to be, do, and have what we’ve become.

Wish List:

  • Love
  • Power
  • Balance