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Dr. Addison Bulosan, DC

Let's find the best time for each other. Time is one of our most precious things we have. I'm excited to share some of my time with you. It's the greatest thing I can give to you!

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Have you ever heard the story about time? It's a great story. 

There was a young boy who every day was given a total of $86,400. With that there was a very specific set of rules that he had to follow. This loan was only for that day, meaning he will get all $86,400 at 12am at the beginning of the day and whatever he didn't use will be discarded exactly at 11:59pm and can't be saved up. 

At first the boy took it for granted. Not spending the entirety of what was given and having a lot leftover. But as quickly as this boy grew up the more he realized that this loan ran out quicker than he expected. There were days where he would wake up as if he had to use what he got that day just to catch up from the days or weeks before. Every day became more valuable then before and towards the end he wished that he didn't waste his gift in his early years.

Tunnel of Trees, Kauai Hawai'i

Tunnel of Trees, Kauai Hawai'i

Does the number sound familiar? Every day we are awarded or 'loaned' 86,400 seconds in a day. I would argue that each second is worth way more than a dollar. At the end of the day that time that you did not use will be discarded and forever unused. How are you making use of your time? Are you living the life that you love? Everyone is awarded the same amount of time, 86,400 seconds. What we do with that time is the difference in our lives.

I'm excited to share some time with you. It's one of the greatest things I can give to you!

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