Aloha Family of Dr. Addison Bulosan

One of the main reasons why I decided to move back to Kaua'i and practice here is because of you. It was difficult for me to be taking care of people so far away and hear about all the health challenges some of you or your loved ones were experiencing and not being able to help.

So I am very stoked to be here and that you decided to utilize my skills and knowledge to support your health endeavors. 

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Bulosan Family

Ohana Care

Because you are family I wanted to do something in addition to providing you the best care possible. Many of you have taken care of me, supported me, or even just be there for me. Some of your support may have been financial, emotional, or even intellectual.

I truly appreciate it and want to return the favor by providing you my services at cost. It will be my way of giving back to you and providing you an Ohana's Discount. I know beyond the shadow of doubt, that if I determine that I can help you utilizing my skills and knowledge, then with this discount and my care, we will be able to help you live life better. 

Extended Ohana

If you would like to extend your Ohana discount to a family member or Hanai family please don't hesitate to ask. I am here for you.

Dr. Addison Bulosan

Contact Info

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call or text me at my personal phone number 808-652-1442