The Specific Chiropractic Center | Grand Opening October 17, 2014 | 6 - 9pm

The Results

What Went Well:
1. Food was a hit!
2. Free massages too
3. MC was solid!
4. Giveaways kept people in their seats all night! (gave away nearly 2k of donated gifts)
5. Marketing was SOLID. Social media ALL DAY.
6. Advertising got bites! The first 50 got a gift bag with $200 worth of free stuff made the 6pm start time work out! There we at least 60 people there by 6:10pm to start the program
7. The music was perfect. (A collection of local artists from all over kauai - I even played lol)
8. The Mayor and State reps said some compelling words
9. The team of support was PERFECT and I. Had. Fun. 

The numbers:
120 captured contacts ($120 to the pot!)
160 in attendance
23 Helpers ($115 to the pot)
16 consultations ($80 to the pot)
10 Exams ($100 to the pot)
14 tours of the office given ($70 to the pot)


  • 500 people in attendance
    • 400 names and emails collected
    • 100 people signed up for consultation
    • 50 people signed up for initial exam
    • 50 massage appointments signed up
  • showcase office: tour
    • 10 tours given
  • community build: refreshments, music, giveaways
    • Giveaway over $5,000 worth of stuff

Total in POT: 

$485 - NICE!!!

Now the question is, what do you want to do? Fill out the Feedback form below and let me know what you vote for!

Challenge and Reward:

  1. $1 into a pot for every person that sign their name and email that night
  2. $5 into a pot for every person that signs up for a consultation
  3. $10 for every person that signs up for an initial consultation
  4. $5 for every person that help put it together
  5. $5 for every tour given


Pot is totaled, and pot will be used to celebrate the event for everyone that joins us.

  • ideas to celebrate (as a team or separately, you choose)
    • zipline tour
    • helicopter tour
    • one way inter-island flights
    • mini-golf
    • really expensive dinner
    • massages, mani/pedi

Program Timing

3:00pm - Setup tents

4:30pm - setup sound system

5pm - EAT!

5:45 - All setup done

6pm: iPod Music

6:10pm: MC welcome guests, point out food, tours and massage, announce blessing begins in 10min

6:30pm Blessing - Mayor Carvalho

  • Welcome all guests, announce special guests
  • announce day celebration
  • blessing/prayer

6:45 Kauai Chamber Of Commerce + Kauai Filipino Chamber of Commerce

  • Greeting remarks - welcome new business
  • introduce Dr Addi (very short speech)
  • Ribbon Cutting

    7pm Tours begin/Musicians

    710pm: MC announce every 10 minutes tours, announce giveaways, food, massage

    745 musicians done/play iPod

    830pm tours done

    845: thank you and good night

    9pm Clean

    11pm celebrate


    1. Marketing 
      1. Team: Angela, Kelsey, Charlmaine, Adams, Addison
        1. Greeting table/Guest sign in
          1. Charlmaine, Juno, Creighton, Shawn, Kela, Kelsey, Julienne
          2. To do:
            1. get guest to sign in name and email (double check and make sure that its their email)
            2. hand them gift bag
            3. point out where refreshments are and where tours are
      2. Social Media Post
        1. Instagram Posts about:
          1. Date/time of event
          2. First 50 at the door (6pm): gift bag $300 worth of gifts
          3. giveaways
          4. tours
        2. Facebook posts about:
          1. Date/time of event
          2. First 50 at the door (6pm): gift bag $300 worth of gifts
          3. giveaways
          4. tours
      3. Hand flyers - Businesses around office, home


    Setup: Aaron, Aric, Shawn, Creighton, Adrian, Adams, Charlmaine, Addison, Ashleigh, Donica

    Guest Welcoming Table: Kauai Chamber Of Commerce, Kauai Filipino Chamber


    Massage Area: Lead - Rhonn Andres, Puamana

    - Additional Massage therapist: Massage school (4)


    Food: Lead - Adams/Adrian (make sure there is food and there is stuff to eat food with)


    Grand Opening Specials Table (Outside): Charlmaine, Donica, Amito


    Music/MC: Lead - Juno, Musicians, Mark, Joey, Addison


    Tours: Lead - Angela Semana, Leilani Mayer

    Additional Guides: Char Ravelo, Donna Olivas-Kaohi, Addison Bulosan


    Grand Opening Specials Table (Inside): Ashleigh, Kelsey



    1. Food 
      1. Team: Charlmaine, Adams, Shawn, Aric, Adrian
      2. Food
        1. Deli and bread
          1. clam chowder
      3. Water
        1. Beer company
        2. water
      4. Setup food statio

    1. Entertainment
      1. Mark Baldonado
        1. Musician: 6 - 7pm
        2. Mary Lardizibal: 7 - 730pm
        3. Music: 745 - 8:30
      2. MC: Giveaway prizes, music
        1. Every 15minutes giveaway something
      3. Massage therapist: Puamana, Rhonn, Erin
        1. 10min chair massage

    1. Setup
      1. Team: Aric, Aaron, Adrian, Shawn, Creighton
        1. Setup time: 2pm - 5pm
      2. Tents
        1. registration/welcome table
      3. Chairs
        1. 60
      4. Tables
        1. 6
      5. Lights
        1. near food, near musician, and near area massage therapist
      6. Decorations
        1. balloons
        2. signage
          1. Free Massage Here
          2. Free Food Here
          3. Grand Opening This Way
        3. Lights
      7. Sound system
        1. two speaker system for musician
          1. 4 speaking mics, 3 instrument mic

    1. Tours
      1. Team: Leilani, Addison
        1. Giving Tours: Leilani, Angela, Donna
        2. Tour Breakdown
          1. 5-7people
            1. Tour Route:
              1. Entry:
                1. Key point: Point out restroom and massage room
              2. Reception Room: 
                1. key points: 
                  1. Re-do all paint/flooring to create a welcoming feeling
                  2. free wifi
                  3. digital self-check in system (reduce cost for receptionist to keep care cost low)
                  4. free health classes held in here
              3. Dr Addi Room: 
                1. key points:
                  1. Specializes in nervous system and upper neck
                  2. scans the nerve system with special technology
                  3. special table to correct problems in that area
                  4. helps with - chronic headaches, neck pain and complex things like fibromyalgia and migraines
              4. Resting Room
                1. key points:
                  1. after treatment rest for 15 minutes
                    1. give body time to heal, escape from lives stress
                    2. need less adjustments, better results
              5. Exam and Radiology Room
                1. key points:
                  1. specialize x-rays to get accuracy and results
                  2. only x-ray system of its kind on kauai
              6. End Of Tour:
                1. Suggest an initial consultation to see if this could help you; tonight only - normally an initial consultation is $65 but tonight its only  $30
      2. 2nd team (End Of Tour): Ashleigh, Chanelle, Aric, Aaron, Danielle
        1. Schedule and collect payment for initial consultation  or initial exams
            1. Initial consultation (Tonight only, initial consultation normally $65, $30 tonight when scheduling and paying tonight)
            2. initial consultation includes: initial nerve test and health history review
          1. You can upgrade to an initial exam which is normally $199 for $120 (by scheduling and paying tonight)
            1. initial exam includes: full nerve system assessment, any necessary specialize x-rays, and full doctors report
        2. Give FAQ after signed up
        3. Payment: Cash, check, or credit card
          1. square reader/paypal,
        4. Schedule Appointments
          1. on macboo

    1. Running Around With Head Cut Off
      1. Team: Addison, erin
        1. Hide in dark corners for 10minutes to not freak out
        2. Make short welcoming speeches (cry inside because you uber grateful)
        3. Tear up when you realize you have such an amazing group of friends and family
        4. tear up when you realize that you are helping the island live better
        5. tear up because you realize that you couldn’t do this on your own
        6. get pumped and scream out loud because everything is going so good
        7. have fun and thank everyone who have helped
        8. Erin: Float, get water or food for each station


    1. Give Postcards to: 20 total
      1. Auto repair - Gwyn
      2. Allstate - Brad
      3. Mokihana - Charlmaine
      4. Patients - Addison
      5. Kauai Food bank - Wes
      6. Kauai Filipino Chamber - Marynel
      7. Kauai FCC - Charlmaine
      8. Juno - CPB
      9. Thelma - CPB
      10. FHB - Jaime
      11. LBA - Pat
      12. Deli and bread - Kevin
    2. Social Media
      1. Instagram Posts
      2. Facebook Posts
    3. Photographer
    4. Radio Shoutout
    5. Radio Interview
    6. Newspaper interview

    Addison to DO:

    1. Email midweek, for kauai, TGIF
    2. Email Ron Wiley, Dickie Chan
    3. Team member gifts:
      1. $100 gift certificate
      2. 30min massage
      3. Pot reward