How People Afford Our Care

There are 3 common ways people pay for their care

  1. On Their Own Through Our Affordable Financial Plans

  2. Utilizing their Flex Spending Account

  3. Using Their Out-Of-Network Insurance Reimbursement With Our Affordable Financial Plans

1. Affordable Financial Care Plans

The majority of our patients utilizes our easy to manage and affordable financial care plans for their care in our office.

These financial plans allows the cost of care to be paid in increments that is spread over time to make it affordable for the individual or family.

We also provide specific special discounts at the time of commitment to their health goals to allow an emphasis on their health journey and relieve the worries of the financial burdens.

Each Financial Care Plan is specific to the individual or family based on their Health Plan and relative financial situation. 

2. Flex Spending Account

Many people utilize their Flex Spending Account for their Care in our office. It is an easy way to make it affordable for themselves and also utilize their company's benefits.

What is Flex Spending Account?

Flexible spending account

An FSA is set up by your employer. They own the account, but you get to decide what qualified medical expenses to pay from your FSA. What makes it flexible? It works with most of our employer-sponsored health plans. Here are more facts about an FSA.

  • Only you and your employer can put money into the account.
  • You can only deposit money into your FSA through payroll deduction. That money isn’t taxed.
  • Some employers let you carry up to $500 into the next year. Otherwise, any money left in the account at the end of the year goes back to your employer.
  • You can’t invest the money.

A Combination Approach

The most popular and common way our patients pay for their care is using a combination approach!

Sometimes patient's health insurance do provide out-of-network chiropractic coverage in which they are able to receive a certain amount of reimbursement for their care. 

If you provide us with your health insurance information we would gladly check if you have this service for free. 

If you do, a combination of a affordable financial plan and support from your health insurance will make it easily affordable to pay for care.