Leadership Kauai - 2015

Aloha Kauai Filipino Community Council (KFCC) and Kauai Filipino Chamber of Commerce (KFCC),

I wanted to share with you an update on my experience with Leadership Kauai as you are my main sponsors and have allowed me to be part of the experience.

The program began September 2014 and I am joined by members from KIUC, County of Kauai, Fire Department, Kukui'ula, PMRF, KPAA, and Du Pont Pioneer. Each member serves as leader within their organizations.

The purpose of this 10 month training program is to identify areas of concerns on Kaua'i that require leadership, and utilize the Leadership Challenge, an ongoing Leadership International Research program to develop current leaders in our community to better serve. There are 5 practices that we focus on,

1. Model The Way

2. Inspire a Shared Vision

3. Challenge the Process

4. Enable Others to Act

5. Encourage the Heart

Through years of research, these 5 practices have been observable skills that makes a leader great.  While we currently have many great leaders within our Filipino community there are always places where we can continue to grow. With that, there is much to improve and this program has been a true blessing in developing my leadership skills to better our community.

Our leadership group meets once a month to work on each of these practices through real life scenarios happening on Kaua'i. I personally have been involved in many different leadership development programs and this one has by far been the best and unique because it focuses on local issues. 

The program started off by assessing our Leadership Skills through an online assessment called the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) where we give a self assessment and we also ask members of our community, business, and management to asses us also. Because of my experience with the Kauai Filipino Community Council at an early age, my experience with Kauai Filipino Chamber, my extensive education and involvement in projects all over the world, certain aspects of my LPI were ranked high.

These include: Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, and Model The Way.

With that, the areas that I've been focusing on to develop myself as a better leader are Enable Others to Act and Encourage Others. 

We are half way through the program and have worked on Model The Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, and Challenge the Process. It has been a eye-awakener and a breath-of-fresh-air. Many of the challenges within our community require leadership as a key component in overcoming them. What I have learned is that many of the traditional methods or keystone habits that seem to work in the past may no longer be applicable to today's challenges. 

At the same time, some key components have tested through time and I have learned that through the KFCC and these are:

First, Model the Way - Many Filipinos in our community and especially those in our current administration do this very well. The 4 behaviors that I believe the Filipino community does well in and what research observed in great leaders are,

1. Sets a personal example of what he/she expects of others

2. Spends time and energy making certain that the people he/she works with adhere to the principles and standards that we have agreed on

3. Follow through on promises and commitments he/she makes

4. Is clear about his/her philosophy of leadership.

I see this all the time at every filipino gathering, business, and community event. It is no wonder why my leadership skills scored high on an initial testing.

Second - Inspire a Shared Vision - Many Filipinos are dreamers that are willing to do the handwork. The 3 behaviors that I believe the Filipino community does well in and what research observed in great leaders are,

1. Talks about future trends that will influence how our work gets done.

2. Describes a compelling image of what our future could be like

3. Speaks with genuine conviction about the higher meaning and purpose of our work

Where I find myself needing much improvement and in which I believe our filipino community could improve in, which is also where research has shown that it is required to have in great leaders, are, 

1. Challenge the Process

2. Enable Others to Act

3. Encourage the Heart

These behaviors in which I need improvement on are:

1. Searches outside the formal boundaries of his/her organization for innovative ways to improve what we do 

2. Develop cooperative relationships among the people he/she works with

3. Actively listens to diverse points on view

4. Treat others with dignity and respect

5. Support the decisions that people make on their own

6. Gives people a great deal of freedom and choice in deciding how to do their work

And with the emphasis on these behaviors:

1. Praises people for a job well done

2. Makes it a point to let people know about his/her confidence in their abilities

These behaviors were found in great leaders that made great impact in our community. That is why I am so grateful for both KFCCs for supporting me in developing my leadership skills in hopes of better serving my community. I am looking forward to the second half of my training program with Leadership Kauai as it focused on these behaviors that I am looking to improve in. 

I strongly encourage both KFCCs to continue supporting Leadership Kauai and more importantly seek out other young filipino professionals to send to through this program to ensure that the filipino leadership is growing and successful. If there is anything I can do to help or support this endeavor please let me know.



Dr. Addison Bulosan