Welcome To The Finish Line

You have completed The Foundation and you are ready to continue your mission of Greatness.

This invite allows you to enter into a Mentoring Process that will help you attain your vision, navigate through the upcoming challenges, and empower you. Listed below is the process and the commitment.

Boulder, CO

The Process

Are you ready to commit to your highest vision?

It's a two step process that includes the digital library of The Foundation Workshop and 2 30 minute 1 on 1 mentoring per month.

Because you have completed The Foundation this mentoring program has been priced at your commitment.

Normally mentoring and access the information is $250 per month with a minimum of 3 month of progress.

Inspired by your dedication, leadership and fundamental truth, your price is $60 per month with a commitment of 6 months.

The Commitment

2 (1-hour) mentor sessions per month, and play all out with an open mind and heart with your deepest sense of responsibility for your vision. 

1. You make every effort to be at the workshops and/or sessions 

2. When you begin, you begin with an open mind and heart

3. You embody the deepest sense of responsibility for your vision

4. You believe in yourself