Tunnel of trees, Koloa, HI.

I stand for a world where with a little Aloha, anything is possible.

Ever met someone who was on purpose and living life out loud? They are in love with what they are doing and seem to be on track. I know an individual who has known his purpose from a very young age. It all started with music when he joined his church choir. This grew into learning musical instruments intuitively from his older brothers. Music was natural for him and by seventeen he taught himself seven musical instruments. Following this passion he developed a background in audio engineering and made his mark in Seattle. This led to working with musicians on stage and interning at one of the most prestigious audio studios in the state.

Then he experienced a blessing in disguise.

He began experiencing health problems. As time passed his problems progressed and became unbearable to a point that it prevented him from doing what he loved. Despite making many healthy lifestyle changes, his condition continued to worsen. Then he decided to do what most people do; take medication. The medicine masked the problem, but as soon as the drug wore off his problems came back. So he increased the dosage and frequency until something dawned him:

"Since when did health and healing come from a pill? Isn't my body able to heal itself like it always did? Is there something else to this?"

Throughout this time his co-worker insisted for him to see a chiropractor. The young man didn’t understand why, but  at age 21 he knew he did not want to continue going down the route he was on. A life full of suffering, drugs, and inability to do what he loved was not what he had in mind as a fulfilled life. Who would want that? It was time for something different. So he took a chance and met Dr. Rebecca Long of Long Chiropractic Center in Seattle, Washington. In their first appointment Dr. Long shared that the body has an innate ability to heal. This innate ability is organized and coordinated by the nerve system. She further explained that there could be an interference with the nerve system and healing process. She explained that the interference may be the cause of his problems and that there was hope.

She performed chiropractic examinations and located the interference within his spine.

He began care with Dr. Long unknowingly that this decision would transform his life forever. Dr. Long provided a specific chiropractic adjustment, allowed him to rest, and sent him home. In time his health problems began to fade away and he felt alive again! The health problem that prevented him from doing what he loved was resolved.

It took him a few months to grasp the bigness of this experience and finally understood that the body does heal when there is no interference. He returned to his following appointment and before Dr. Long could ask him any questions he explained how thankful he was and asked her three questions,

Dr. Addison Bulosan

How does this work? Where can I learn it? And when can I start?

My name is Dr. Addison Bulosan and this is My Why. 

By having my life restored and being able to do what I love I discovered my underlying purpose in life. Which is to inspire and help others do what they love and live interference free. There are people around the world who are trying to create the life that they love and their health is holding them back. It's time to join the millions of people like me who found hope and decided to do something different. If you find this story intriguing, please contact me. You have only one life to live, let's make it the one you love.


Dr Addison B.

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