Place 1 - Corner Office

The unit is leased “AS IS”.  So if tenant wants improvements within the premises, it will be at the tenants sole cost.  It will be required for the tenant to inform KCOM of improvements that need to be approved.  Although KCOM does not take any responsibility for improvements, they do offer rent abatement for the time period of improvements.  So in other words, after plans/improvements provided and approved, an agreeable time period is determined (based on the type of improvements) during the construction that the tenant does not have to pay rent.   This abatement period is strictly based on the type of improvements and has ranged from 1 month to 4 months (totally gutted unit with building permits required).

1200sq ft

$1.50/sq ft, negotiable (Lowest in building is between 1.25 - 1.35)

Base Rent: Triple net w/% increase per year

CAM: 0.37 per square foot per month (includes: RPT, insurance, water and swear, trash removal, maintenance of grounds and exterior of building)

Lease tearm negotiable subject to approval

Great parking - over 30 stalls ( stalls in front office

Great location - corner office, in front of main highway, 10 minute walk from home