Dr. Addison Bulosan, DC

The Foundation Workshop Worksheet

This worksheet provides an ability for us to ask questions, take notes, and elaborate on topics. It will keep us engaged and on top of our game. Utilize this worksheet in order to play all out.

Your Personal Power - Survey

What are your core beliefs?

What are your core values?

- List 6 people that are your biggest inspirations 

1. list 3 traits that you admire about them

2. select 6 of them that repeats the most

What are your shadow values?

- List 3 people you dislike or do not vibe with

2. list 3 traits that make you dislike them

3. Select 3 of them that repeats the most

I am, ________, list shadow values. These are my shadow values. When I am not aware, they become prevalent.

I am, _________, list values. These are my core values. I know they are mine because I see them in others.

Happiness Advantage

Action Steps:

  1. Meditate - 5 minutes a day of just feeling your breath go in and out. If your mind drifts, slowly bring it back to focus on breathing. It takes practice.
  2. Look Forward To Something - Anticipating future rewards can actually light up the pleasure centers in your brain and turn on your happiness
  3. Commit Conscious Acts Of Kindness - Pick one day a week and make a point of committing five acts of kindness. It must be deliberate and consciously -and not just a post hoc, "Oh I did that nice thing a day ago."
  4. Infuse Positivity Into Surroundings - Pictures of happiness, quotes that make you happy, surround yourself with positive mental notes and it automates happiness as a normal cue.
  5. Exercise - Its a powerful mood lifter, long-lasting, releases endorphins, and enhances our overall performance.
  6. Spend Money On Experiences - Money spent on activities bring far more happiness than on material purchases.
  7. Exercise A Signature Strength - Everyone is good at something and each time we use a skill, or whatever it is that is our strength, we boost our positivity


Personal Power

Action steps:

  1. Define your current work orientation
    1. Identify your desired work orientation
    2. Write out plan on how you will get there
  2. Define your current job description
    1. Write your ideal job description
  3. Identify the potential in those you closely surround you
    1. Do you believe that the intelligence and skills of those around are not fixed, but can be improved with effort?
    2. Do you believe that they want to make the effort?
    3. How are you conveying these beliefs in your daily words and actions?

Tetris Effects

Action Steps

1. Three Good Things Every Day- Tetris Effect

2. What are your filters? Filtering out opportunity, filtering in opportunity, filtering out positivity, filtering in positivity

Falling Up

Action Steps:

  1. Discuss the concepts of mental mapping and the 3 routes (Become better, return to normal, get worse)

Life Control

Action steps:

  1. Draw 3 Circles on a piece of paper, label them Personal Life , Professional Life, Spiritual Life
    1.  On a separate piece of paper, list all the responsibilities you have for each life
    2. Evaluate each list for each life - add the responsibilities into each perspective circle in which you have total control over 

20-Second Rule

Action steps:

  1. Review 9 priority list - evaluate any barriers and begin to remove those barriers
  2. Review successful habits you would like to create - evaluate any barriers and begin to remove those barriers
  3. Review habits you would like to remove - evaluate any barriers and begin to increase those barriers

Social Investment

Action steps:

  1. List your 5 closest and most trusted companions
  2. list their 3 closes and most trusted companions
  3. Invest in Thank You Cards, Just Thinking Of You Cards

Love Language and Communication

What do you stand for?

What are your communication styles?

What is your vision?

What is your message?

Who speaks to you?

1. List 3 orators/speakers that captivate your attention

2. List 3 emotions that they convey

3. List 3 noticeable body language movements

How do you communicate what matters to you with people you care about?

What is a relationship?


- how do you value your health?

- how do you value your life?

- how do you value your body?

- your heart?

- your mind?

- your thoughts?

- your actions?


- how do you value your family?

- how do you value your friends?

- how do you value your property?

- how do you value your space?

- how do you value your community?

- how do you value your earth?

This worksheet is designed to help you guide you through the material and information. Empowerment comes from self-action in the knowledge that you receive and decide to create from.