Things People Wonder About When Starting Specific Chiropractic Care

Cost and Financial Challenges

I really want to try specific chiropractic but I don't know if I can afford it.

We totally understand. That is why we do our best to accommodate your needs so that we can focus on helping you get well. The initial consultation to find out if we can help is only $65. These initial tests includes 15 minutes with the doctor to do a health overview and initial nervous system testing.

If it seems that you are a candidate for care, we perform any necessary testing which includes a full health history review, specialized nervous system testing, any necessary x-ray, and a full doctors report for only $250. This is done in two visits that approximately 45 minutes each. 

In addition, for our committed patients we create a financial plans that makes their care affordable and easy to manage.

This includes an ability to spread the cost over time and includes special discounts for specific accommodations.

I typically use my health insurance to pay for my healthcare needs but I heard that you don't take it or insurance doesn't cover.

If you have an insurance plan that is a PPO and has out-of-network coverage, we may be able to provide you a superbill for reimbursement of care.

Unfortunately health insurances are slowly covering less and less services that help you stay healthy. 

Even with that, the premiums are high and so are the deductibles. So the only time you end up using your health insurance is when you are really really sick or in pain. Which becomes even more expensive as you go on as most times its just covering up the systems and not identifying what's the cause of it all.

That can be very frustrating and we totally understand. This is why we are focused on reducing cost for care since most insurances don't do what we need it to do. One of the big reasons why health insurances are costing more and covering less is that it requires a lot of administration to process the paperwork, interpret the paperwork, and not actually providing care.

So our office purposely reduced the cost of our care by reducing all of the administrative costs and challenges of taking on health insurance that would raise the cost for care and instead created financial plans for our patients to afford care.

So how did our current patients figure it out?

Most of our patients utilize our financial plans or their Flex spending account (FSA)

The most common way is utilizing our affordable financial plans.

What's becoming more popular are, our patients utilizing their Flex Spending Account (FSA) to pay for their care. Which is the most financial affordable and effective way to manage their healthcare expenses. Click here to learn more about HSA.

Some but very few of our patients health insurance have out-of-network chiropractic coverage in which they receive financial assistance throughout their care at the office. To find out if your health insurance does this please provide your insurance information at your first visit and we will check for you for free.

In the end, our patients realize the benefits of Specific Chiropractic Care far outweighs the initial costs and choose to take a pro-active approach to their health to prevent any future healthcare challenges and costs.

What if I don't want to pay out of pocket for my healthcare needs? I just want to use my health insurance and anything that isn't covered I won't spend any extra money because thats what my health insurance is for.

I see where you are coming from. Then you might not be ready for this kind of healthcare approach in your life. 

We always use the example of car insurance and car health. Is it important that your car stays healthy and function well?

Of course. For a lot of us it's our means of transportation and is important in our daily life.

So how do you maintain the health of your car?

Through regular check ups, oil changes, and driving safely.

Well, does your car insurance pay for those things? No.

You mean, car insurance does not pay for check ups, oil changes, or you driving safely? No it doesn't.

So if you only did what your car insurance paid for, how long will it last and how will it function? Not very long and it will breakdown. 

So what is car insurance for?

For unforeseen accidents, car challenges, and peace of mind that you protected from unpreventable challenges.

Same as for your health and health insurance.

Health is a personal responsibility that when utilizing pro-active action such as getting your nervous system checked and maintaining a healthy eating habit with exercise, your body will function well and you will be healthy. 

In this type of lifestyle, your health insurance role in your life now shifts from deciding how healthy you can be to protecting you from financial challenges from unforeseen accidents and unpreventable health challenges. 

If that makes sense to you then I think you are ready to get started!

Results and How It Works

So wait, how does Specific Chiropractic CARE work?

Making a long story short, in order for your body to heal and function properly it requires a proper communication between your brain and body. One of the main location for that is at the top of your neck and any damage to that area (car accident, sports, slipping and falling) can cause problems with the communication between your brain and body and diminish your body's ability heal and function properly.

Over time, that damage can cause more problems and can result in many different chronic health problems.

If you want the long version of this explanation that includes more references click here.

Ok I get it. So that makes sense but what can it help with and why should I use Specific Chiropractic?

Because we are dealing with the nervous system we have been able to help many people with many different health challenges. It allows us to effectively provide a whole health approach and take care of the entire body. What we have had the best results with and whom often become patients are people who suffer from:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Chronic neck pain or back pain
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Sleeping Problems and Energy Problems
  • Fibromyalgia

But don't care our word for it. Click here to hear from the many people across the U.S. who have gotten extraordinary results with their health through Specific Chiropractic Care. Watch this video below and see what else we can help with:

Visit our website that has stories from patients who suffered from Fibromyalgia to immune system problems by clicking here.

Common Misconceptions

You are different from most chiropractors. I think I just need traditional chiropractic care.

Correct we are. That is why we get the great results that we do because we have combine the traditional philosophy of chiropractors (that the body has an innate ability to heal) and the current technology and science that help people get well (special testing and care). 

At first, some people think they might not need such advanced care and which we might agree. 

But, everyone should at least utilize our specialized tests to check whether or not this care may be beneficial for their health.

It is recommended to do this test as early in childhood as possible to prevent any prolong nervous system problems. If you are an adult and has never been tested, it is recommended that you do so to check how well your body is functioning.

I heard its painful to get adjusted and sometimes unsafe.

The treatment procedure is relatively quick and painless. We utilize certain technologies to minimize any side effects by designing the chiropractic adjustment to be as specific as possible for each patient. Each chiropractic adjustment is customized only for the patient under care which allows for precision and effectiveness. 

If our patients do express any pain it is commonly explained as temporary neck pain as if they just worked out. 

Safety is our top priority. By using specialized digital x-rays and Computerized Infrared Thermography we are able to provide care only when it is needed, at exactly the right place and time. 

I heard once you go to a chiropractor you will have to go forever. It's like you never really get well or that it never really works.

 We heard that too. Fortunately that's what makes us different. In fact, our goal is quite opposite from a lot of health practitioners.

Our hope is that we can identify the cause of your problems, determine if we are a part of the solution, and provide a specific chiropractic treatment that effectively solves the problem the first time. 

That means, our goal is to provide one specific adjustment and hope we never have to provide it again

What often times happens is that when someone first meets us it usually is after they have tried everything else and there has been a substantial amount damage in their body and has been there for awhile. 

If that's the case, we do provide a health care protocol over time to help their body recover and reach their health goals. Once that is complete we always recommend regular check ups to maintain their newly revitalized health. 

Ok I understand. But I don't have neck problems I have other health problems. Can they be related to what you do?

Possibly. Remember your nervous system controls and mediates all the functions in your body. Yes, all. So it is important to have an initial test done on your nervous system to see how well your body is functioning. 

Most health challenges are due to a combination of problems and our approach allows us to tackle on one of the most vital parts to the solution, your nervous system. Without a proper functioning nervous system it can be difficult for your body to heal properly. 

My Medical Doctor said I don't need it and what you do doesn't really work.

Unfortunately most medical doctors don't have any training or expertise in our specialize type of care and don't know how to recommend it. 

This is why we are currently reaching out to all practitioners in our area and provide educational classes for healthcare providers. An integrated approach for your health is vital in order to provide the highest quality care for you. 

A quick and easy test is all that is needed to find out whether or not Specific Chiropractic Care is something you need and if it will be beneficial for your health. 

If you would like us to work more closely with your medical doctor feel free to connect us.

I noticed that your office takes care of children, infants, and even the elderly. Isn't that dangerous?

With this type of care it is quite opposite actually. The benefits of Specific Chiropractic care and the utilization of special technologies allows us to care for a wide range of ages. Also each procedure provided for each patient is uniquely designed to fit their physiology and anatomy.