My Dream: Update - Plans Unfolding

I can't believe how close we are! 

We are in the process of negotiating a lease

and it's been quite a journey. Some of the major equipment are going through the process of being acquired so we are getting really close!

One of the challenges of starting a brand new office is keeping the cost reasonable without sacrificing the quality of care that our patients will receive. This balancing act is always reflected upon what we value in our office and not only what opportunities provide.

This is highly important when making decisions about health. Often times we take opportunities as it comes our way and may some times forget to check in if it aligns with our values. This sometimes lead us to be in some sticky situations and have us coming out saying "How did we even end up here?"

As the final pieces fall into place, here are the 2 of things that I value as we finalize the new office:

1. Quality, because one of the difficult tasks for Kaua'i individuals and families is to find care that is worth their time and money. More and more people are no longer relying on what their health insurance provide or suggest and are seeking to make quality changes in their health protocols.

Our office is being built to provide high quality care for both people who are suffering from chronic illnesses to people who want to maintain their wellness.

2. Ohana, many of my close friends and family have been asking "why come back when you have so many opportunities elsewhere?" Well, I value Ohana. and not just the people close to me but the people that matter to them also. Success to me is being able to care and provide quality health care to the people that matter to me the most. People like you.

So as we wrap up these final pieces please keep your Ohana in mind, keep Quality in mind, and keep us in mind as we will be providing special invites and things for those who are staying in touch!


Dr. Addison B.

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