My Dream - Kauai Bound.

My Dream - Kauai Bound.

Dr. Addison Bulosan, DC

Here's the deal.

Being a Kauai-boy, my entire childhood and teenage years were spent in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, literally. In my younger days, I was taught to dream big, have big goals, and work hard to make these dreams come true.

During my time living away, every time I introduced myself as being from Kauai, people would ask me this general question, "Why did you leave such  beautiful place?!" My response would always be, "to pursue my hopes and dreams. Essentially, open my wings and fly."

As they asked that question again and again, it puzzled me. Are all the higher paying jobs and careers outside of Kauai? Is all the success and happiness outside of the island? I don't believe that at all. After all, some of my best friends have figured it out and enjoying the island as we speak. 

And thats when I realized my dream of returning to the Garden Isle, bringing with me all my life experiences and growing old with my family and friends.

And not just grow old, but make a positive impact so that our keiki's can prosper. While there are many of my friends who have figured out to create an awesome life on Kauai, there's a few things that just aren't working. See, I want more of my generation to come back and invest their creative and empowering hearts and minds into the island. More importantly, I want the future generations returning home and creating their success and happiness.

So this is why I'm writing to you. 

Kauai, HI

I am Kauai bound! After long discussions and meetings with my mentors, coaches, family and friends, it is time for me to pursue My Dream.

My one-way flight is booked and I will be arriving home on May 1st. My first goals are to reconnect with my friends and family and get back into the loop. Let me be totally honest, I am going to probably seem highly-driven, excited, and very active! I love Kauai. I love the people. My Dream of returning home and setting up shop is well on its way.

Here we go!!!!

So I know some of you are excited, curious, and can't wait to get involved! I'm going to try and keep you updated by posting a blog a week so be sure to subscribe below and also follow me on instagram addi_b where I'll be dropping some short video updates! Let's GO Kauai!

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